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1) What are the work hours per day and number of days per
week for you and your spouse (or other adults living in home)?
Your hours per day

days per week

Spouse or partner
hours per day

days per week

Other adult hours per day

days per week

2) How many hours a day will the puppy be home alone?

2a) How many hours a day will he/she be left alone as an adult?

3) Are there children in the home? Yes: No:
3a) Number of children and ages.

3b) Are there other adults in the home besides you and your
spouse/partner? Yes: No:
Relationship, ie. roomate, grandparent, etc.

4) Are there pets in the home now? Yes:/ No:

If yes, what type of pets? Dog, cat, other, sex, age, altered, please be specific.

5a) What breeds have you had in the past?

5b) What became of them?

5c) How long did you keep them?

5d) If you didn’t keep them their entire lifetime, why?

5e) Where did they go? Where are they now?

6) Do you have a fully fenced yard? (Invisible fencing is
not considered a fenced yard.) Yes:/ No:

7) Where will the puppy stay during the day and sleep at night
while potty training? After potty training is complete?

8) Are you willing to obedience train your puppy? Yes:/No:

9) What type of activities do you enjoy doing with your dog/s?

10) May I or a local breeder visit your home? Yes:/ No:

11) Local veterinarian’s name, address and phone number for
a reference:

12) Please list three (3) personal references and their phone
numbers, who can attest to the type of care you give/can give
your dog.

13) Are you interested in: (check one)
Show Quality/ Companion Quality/ Breeding Quality

14) Are you interested in: (check one)
Male/ Female/ Either sex

15) If the sex you prefer is not available would you like
Choose opposite sex:/ Wait for next litter:

16) What color do you prefer? Please list a 2nd and 3rd color
choice too.

17) Who referred you to me?

18) Additional comments that would help in selecting the best
puppy for your lifestyle:

19) The wait for a Grandview Havanese puppy can be anywhere
from a few months to a year. Would you like to reserve a spot
on my waiting list?
Yes:/ No:

20) All my puppies are sold on a limited registration and
neuter/spay contracts unless otherwise specified in the contract.
Are you planning to breed? Yes:/ No:

21) Are you planning to spay/Neuter? Yes:/ No:

22) A Havanese lifespan is 12-18 years. Are you willing to
keep a puppy for its entire liftetime, even if unexpected things
come up such as: moving or relocating your famil, expensive
veterinary bills, new children, canine behavior problems, etc…
Yes:/ No:/ Not sure:

23) Are you willing to feed the premium food and vitamins
recommended by the breeder? Yes:/ No:

I make every attemp to place my puppies in a safe, loving,
and caring “Furreal Homes” and this questionaire will assist
me in getting to know you and your family better. Thank you
for completing this questionaire. Only approved families will
be placed on my list.

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