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This is a contract for the sale of a Pet quality purebred AKC Havanese. This document concerns a live animal and is executed with prejudice in favor of that animal’s well-being by those signing. This is a contract only and shall not be used for, nor constructed to be an application for registration of that animal or the get of any animal named herein. This contract applies to the original puppy and the original buyer only and is non-transferable to a second party. No replacement puppy will be given if this puppy has been bred outside the limitations of this contract or if the terms of the contract have otherwise been breached.

Buyers Representation

The buyer agrees that he/she is not acting as or in part of, any agent in the purchase of this puppy and that the buyer will not sell the puppy or any of its progeny to any agent, animal broker or pet store. Buyer warrants that puppy will remain in his/her sole custody. This agreement is made between LauraVivolo (breeder/seller) of

Grandview Havanese and __________________________________ (Buyer) for one puppy ( ) Male ( ) Female.

The puppy’s sire is _____________________________________________________________________ and the dam is _______________________________________________________________________. From litter number (pending) born on _________________. Buyer’s initials _____________.

Terms & Conditions

The buyer is subject to all terms and conditions set forth below and as follows: The Buyer agrees to assume full responsibility for the dog once it leaves the premises. The buyer further agrees to provide a warm and safe environment. Provide food, water and seek a veterinary exam within 72 hours of leaving the seller’s premises to retain possession. Thereafter hold the breeder blameless and not liable for any further medical condition of the animal.

If not satisfied the animal is to be returned to the breeder within 72 hours from the veterinary exam, at the buyer’s expense. Consideration will be taken for the puppy, if having to be shipped home. Do to flight arrangement and health of said puppy. The buyer also agrees that in the event of the death in those 72 hours’ puppy will be taken to a vet for an autopsy that both buyer and seller agree upon. If death is proven to be due to genetic illness and/or illness contracted while in the seller’s care, puppy will be replaced with autopsy expense refunded. This puppy comes with a TWO YEAR GENETIC HEALTH GUARANTEE. If the puppy dies of a genetic health problem, examples: liver, kidneys or heart the buyer must provide written proof from a license veterinarian and notified the seller/breeder within 24 hours of puppy’s passing. The puppy will be replaced as soon as a replacement puppy is available by breeder. Buyer initial __________.

Guarantee is conditional on the said puppy to stay on NuVet Plus supplement under the manufacturers recommended dosage for the weight of the dog, for the entire time of this guarantee. Failure to do so will void any and all guarantees. To order these supplements please use this code 54163 for each purchase. By doing this it allows Grandview to be able to track buyer’s orders and know buyer is keeping their puppy on NuVet Plus.

Ensuring a good health plan is being set for the puppy. If buyerwishes to keep their puppy on this product after this two year guarantee their more than welcome to do so without Grandview keeping record of it. There will be an extra page with all the information needed to order the product from the company or from Grandview. NuVet 1-800-474-7044 ID Code: 54163. All above claims will only be honored with written documentation from a licensed veterinarian. The breeder has taken every reasonable precaution to ensure the physical soundness and temperament of the animal. All health testing has been completedon both sire and dam. Both are free of hereditary defects as far as known. Buyer’s initials___________.

The buyer also agrees that the puppy will have regular schedule visits with a license veterinarian, under the veterinarian scheduled recommendation. As far as but not limited to shots, worming, teeth cleaning and over all physical health of puppy. Records should be available to the seller if needed at any time. Remember an overweight dog can lead to leg problems, jumping off of couches, beds or even being accidentally dropped can lead to serious injuries.

Important Note

Grandview (seller) does not guarantee any health related issues of loss of life due to a reaction caused by vaccinations or flea and tick preparations administered either orally or on the skin surface. Grandview does not give Leptospirosis or Corona to any puppies. Havanese can be sensitive to these shots and buyer should seek advice from their veterinarian before giving this shot. As a breeder/seller Grandview has done everything possible to assure the bloodlines of their dogs are free from eye defects. Grandview dogs go in yearly for eye exams. Grandview (seller) cannot be held responsible if something does develop in the above puppy’s eye. Buyers initials _________.

Pets Only

The puppy is being sold as a pet only and the buyer agrees to spay or neuter puppy between the age of 10 to 12 months of age. Unless a veterinarian says otherwise and buyer provides correct documentation stating so. Remember neutering/spaying your puppy before 10 months of age can cause issues while your puppy is maturing. Additional information will be provided on this.A copy of the spay or neuter certificate is to be sent to the breeder showing the puppy was altered by 12 months or your TWO YEAR HEALTH GUARUNTEE will be voided. Buyer’s initials __________.

Buyer will provide a check made out to AKC in the amount of $30, so breeder can register the puppy. AKC papers marked LIMITED will be mailed directly from AKC to the buyer’s address. Any offspring from this dog will never be able to be registered with AKC. Buyer’s initials _________.

Purchase Information


In consideration of the fee of $___________dollars. A deposit of $___________ is due in advance to reserve a puppy and the remainder of $______________to be paid by cash, cashiers’ check or money order. Before puppy leaves breeder/seller. The deposit is NONREFUNDABLE for any reason your no longer able to proceed with purchase of puppy after a deposit has been made the deposit can be transferred to another litter at a later date. Buyer’s initials ________.

In the event a deposit was made but there is not a puppy available due to an unforeseen circumstance. The deposit will be refunded. Buyer’s initials _________.

Grandview does not ship dogs out of state.The buyer is responsible for either flying in themselves or hiring a courier to fly with puppy. Puppy must be paid in full before this is arranged. Buyer’s initials_________.

If for any reason after a deposit was received and seller decides it is in the best interest of the puppy not to be placed with buyer the deposit will be refunded. Buyer’s initials _______.

Puppy does not become property of buyer until puppy has been paid in full and leaves seller’s premises.

Relinquishment of Puppy

The buyer hereby agrees that if at any time the buyer cannot take proper care of the dog, the buyer must contact Grandview and Grandview will have first choice to either (a) take the dog back and /or (b) assist the buyer in finding a suitable home for the dog. Neither of these two options guarantees that the buyer will recover all or any part of the purchase price. Buyers initials _________.


This contract is to be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington. If any legal action is to be taken by either Seller or Buyer the venue shall be in King County, Washington State. If any provision of this document is invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, this document shall be ineffective to the extent of such invalidity only and shall remain in full force and effect otherwise, without affecting the remaining provisions. Buyer’s initials __________.

Buyer Information

Full legal name(s): _________________________________________________________.

Address: _________________________________________________________________.

Contact number: ___________________________________________________________.

Email: ___________________________________________________________________.

This is a Binding Contract

By signing this document and returning it with the deposit, you agree that you have read and fully understand all the terms and conditions set in above contract. No variations are accepted unless in writing, agreed upon and signed by both buyer and seller. Buyer’s initials _________.


I (buyer) have read the above contract and fully understand the terms of the contract and the 48 hour guarantee.

Signature of Buyer______________________________________ Date ______________.

Signature of Breeder/seller________________________________ Date ______________.

For a printable contract please click.

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